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Monday, March 7, 2011

Greetings From my NEW PLACE (Sketch)

SO, yeah, in a new apartment, weee! I'm rooming with some friends of mine. really nice place...but i still don't have a computer. I'm currently am using my roomie's laptop! ND he's allowed me to install my tablet drivers and photoshop onto it! WOO! So, I shall be drawing a lot more often!

Here's a sketch to keep you guys at bay. I've been obsessed by Matryoshka (youtube it, and i wondered what Dak would look like as one....I think he needs a Miku to his Gumi.....8D;

...and yes, i know i'm missing the buildings that go around the hood, but this was just a quick sketch. not exactly sure if i'll finish it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OOPS, Not a Productive Post!

I'm sorry i haven't been posting...well, ANYTHING...ANYWHERE....

I recently got accepted for the Shift Coordinator at work (where i apparently DO have it my way), and I start training sometime within the week.  however, this means three things:

Less time to draw.  Yeah.....LESS time.  While I'm training, it's gonna be taking a LOT of my awake time, because not only will I be training ON the clock, but off the clock I'll have this nifty little MANUAL on EVERYTHING it takes to be a manager...yeah...Burger King is 4 Srs Yo.

More Money: YES!  YES!  Well, okay, not a BUNCH more, maybe another dollar or two an hour, but with 40 hours a week, that means anywhere between $100 to $300 more in my paycheck a month, which will help with the last thing.

My Own Place: That's right folks, I don't have my own place!  When I hit rough times, my dad and step-mom took me in until i could find a job and then find a place of my own.  BUT, march 31st is my deadline.  Which means....I'll be getting a place of my OWN within the next month.  I'll keep y'all informed when this happens!

On that note, enjoy this sketch of Dak I made redesigning his face!

After drawing him and then a drawing of me......yeah, looked too much alike. i want to differ between me and my characters. Plus, chubby cheeks on a big cut muscleman looks a bit weird. THUS, this happened.

ANYWAYS, I'll HOPEFULLY keep in touch more often! STAY MANLY!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Full View of Course!

Okay, so yeah, I work at Burger King...and I opened at 5:30 am...guess what time i left?  THAT'S RIGHT, ADD UP THE HOURS! (Yes, adding 11 hours to 5:30 am is a Professor Layton Puzzle......and it's 4:30 pm, SPOILERS!)

If you guys don't know what Sudoku is...then enjoy this Wiki I Found!

But yeah, I got that Sudoku book this past Christmas, and it's a whopping 160 puzzles, ranging from1 star to 4 stars (1 being the easiest, 4 being the hardest).  I'm usually quite good at these, but today...i guess I'm exhausted from work being IDIOTIC and such, because I almost got it done, and then...TRAGEDY!  I did something HORRIBLY wrong, because the LAST box was a duplicate number.....

The instant I did that, I immediately thought to draw this as a comic.....

....I really did burn that book.  It deserved to burn.

Also, I am drawing porn right now.  AHAHAHAHAHA, You can't see what I'm drawing right now!!!!

...Fine, I'll post that sketch too


Happy now?

Guess who I drew, and you win a cookie!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sketch Dump 1! (because there WILL be more!)

Click on the picture to see it in it's FULL UNGLORY!

So when I get an art block, I like to open up a blank canvas, about 2500x2500 in pixel talk, and draw whatever comes to mind.,..of course it's all muscle related at this moment.  Let me explain what we have here!

Top Left is Animos, a superhero character of mine.  I really need to work on his back story...and draw hm more...for he is sexy....

Bottom Left is Mister Muscles, ANOTHER superhero character of mine....and like Animos, i need to work on his back story...and he is sexy...

Middle Top is GUMSHOE! <3  I love Gumshoe!  He was number ten on my personal sexy list....and number five on my Y! Gallery Poll (which is now closed, so NYAH!)

EXACT a Chibi version of my character Dak.....I felt like drawing muscles, but something cute..I compromised.....

Middle Right is a generic sketch of a chubby muscle guy in a least i think it may be a thong of some sort, as it's not...very...detailed.....

And on the very bottom of sorts is another chibi drawing!  WHAT?!  Anyways, it's just Chibi me...passing out at the computer while drawing, and dreaming of muscles in chaps....crotch-less and butt-less.....I'm gonna have sexy dreams aren't I?

WELP, enjoy the crap I sketched!  I'm going to bed and then work....yay for opening shifts! -_-

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perspective Muscle (FINISHED!)

OH MY GOD, It's finally finished!  After...a WEEK or MORE of sketching, deleting, and such!  GEEZE!

No joke.  I had the old sketch take me a few days for perspective issues, then i didn't even DRAW for a day due to being really sick, then I saw it...hated it, and re-sketched it, which took me a bit to do....Then I outlined one day, then got sick AGAIN, and finally just colored it tonight, though I am still a bit sick...I should be in bed, but I bring you all THIS!

This was a redraw of a very very old picture.......I will not show you though (SUCH A TEASE...or saving you all headaches....your choice), but if you DO want to see it.........It's in my Y-Gallery (Adult image due to a bit of the penis showing, like this here) search for it.....yeeeeeah....

Thus ends this post.  HAPPY ENDING?

Monday, January 31, 2011

The OFFICIAL Sketch for Perspective Muscle!

Okay, Oka, I KNOW I posted a sketch of Perspective Muscle already....but compare this one with the one already posted...

It looks [insert obscenely large number here]% Better in my opinion!  I mean, the other one...looked so very very wrong on perpective, anatomy, and...just in general.  I did Three basic things (aside from TOTALLY STARTING FROM SCRATCH):

1- Expanded the Canvas
2- Used a smaller pixel size/opacity combo to sketch
3- Used actual anatomy references for angles

Seeing as he's quite possibly bigger than any REAL person, I had to exaggerate on some anatomy.  I think I may fix the head a tiny bit *no worries, minor adjustments*, and then start outlining.  Should have that done by tomorrow evening at the very latest.

In other news!

Recently I've hand a cold that's been with me for the past week and a half.  It's...not all the way gone, but I only have a tiny bit of congestion left from that. Also, for those who actually read my journals on Y! (and for those of you who don't shame on you...and those not from Y!, you have no idea what I'm talking about), my right knee is recovering splendidly!  Unfortunately, now that the pain is subsiding in my right knee, I discovered my left knee was starting to hurt....and discovered a fairly large bruise where i hit it against the prep-table at work (all hail the mighty Burger King!), SO, on Wednesday, I gotta get that checked out at the free clinic I've been going to for check ups. Wish Me Luck!

 Greeny: The One, The Only, The GREEN!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Perspecive Muscle Sketch

Holy crap, two posts in one night.  what are the odds?

Okay, so this is what I'm currently working on.  It's an 'updated' version of an older pic i drew back in June of 2007.  Definitely in the rough sketch phase.  I'm actually pretty tired at the moment, which is why I'm not working on it at this VERY MOMENT.

Yeah, I'd say I've improved on perspective a bit....still looks a bit wonky, but that's why it's called a rough method of drawing is sketch as I go instead of the general SHAPES.....which is why i seem to fail all the time!  Ahahahahaha...... OTZ

Bed time for me guys!  Enjoy the manliness that is sketched before you!  ENJOY IT I SAY!